Our Innovative Fabric Has A Patent Pending


13-One Sportswear isn’t simply a fashion-forward statement of style. The jackets are a technological leap incorporating NASA space technology to retain body heat by an astonishing 90%.

certified space technology seal

That makes 13-One the ideal choice for athletes who want a quicker recovery time after an intense workout.

But these jackets are for anyone on-the-go who like to travel lightly and stylishely!

Best of all, everyone will stay warm, dry and look very, very cool in our silver-piped sportswear.


Every 13-One jacket uses proprietary Silver Lining® Technology, a radiant barrier developed by scientists at NASA for astronauts. Known as “Heatsheets®”, this technology allows our jackets to harness natural energy sources, like body and solar heat, to protect against heat, wind, rain and cold by reflecting up to 90% of your body heat back to you.

THE WINDBREAKER: Our sportiest jacket will protect you from the harshest of elements. Whether you’re mountain biking through tough terrain or sprinting through a rainstorm on your way to Meteorology 101, The Windbreaker keeps you dry and warm. 

THE FULL ZIP: Featuring a dropped tail, this versatile jacket is your perfect companion for biking, hiking, camping, and just hanging out in the stands catching your favorite team. What you won’t catch is a cold from being wet and miserable.

THE TRENCH: Created exclusively for the women in our life, The Trench speaks to the culture of clean design and the modern sophistication demanded of women who don’t simply know fashion – they are fashion.