Frequently Asked Questions

How does the jacket fit into a pouch?   

Here is a video of our jacket to pouch demonstration:




If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, please return your merchandise.  Merchandise must be purchased at 13-One online to qualify for returns.  All returns are accepted within 30 days of purchase. When we receive your returned item(s) we will refund the original method of payment. Returns are generally processed within 7-10 business days of receipt.The merchandise must have all tags attached and be in perfect condition for a full refund.

To help us keep getting better and improving our products, please send us an email with your feedback of why you are returning our merchandise at, We appreciate your input!

The Mailing Address is:

PO Box 353
One Chatsworth Ave

Larchmont NY, 10538

What colors do they come in?

Black is the only color as of now. We will offer variety of colors in the near future.

How does the NASA technology (Silver Lining) work?

When you wear the jacket and start moving, your body starts heating up and the silver lining retains the heat by 90%

What is the best temperature to wear the jacket in?

Our jackets will perform best in temperature that is 40-70 degrees. Remember everyone’s body temperature is different; you might need to wear layers underneath as the temperatures get colder. If you are active with the jacket on, wear layer underneath that will wick away sweat. We recommend not to wear cotton during activity because the cotton does not take away sweat.

Is this technology new?

This technology is an old NASA technology. You see this technology being used in military rescue operations, Heatsheets at marathons, and finally in astronaut suits and space shuttles.

Will you be making bigger sizes?

Yes, we will be making bigger sizes in the future.