The Story of How We Made
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Hema Nambiar

Hema Nambiar

Most people take breathing for granted, but not Hema Nambiar.

After two massive surgeries to revive a collapsed lung and implement a new synthetic diaphragm, Hema had to relearn how to breathe again. Literally. 

To celebrate her recovery Hema ran her first half marathon, 13.1 miles long in Central Park. After crossing the finish line, she was handed a thin silver Heatsheet to keep warm.

The adrenaline of the race, the warmth of the blanket and the support of the runners made Hema think: Life really is a marathon and you don't have to be running a race to feel it.  

Hema took her love of running and passion for technology and created 13-One; a sportswear line that embraces the NASA space technology found also in Heatsheets and the spirit of active outdoor lovers everywhere.


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